The majority of individuals have rather steadfast opinions regarding opera; they either adore it or they simply cannot relate to it in any way. This is due, in part, to the fact that the particular style of music and performance tends to take some getting used to. However, another possible explanation is that operas typically do not center on well-known stories or myths. The majority of people have a better idea of what to expect from standard musicals. They could be adapted from anything, from well-known works of literature (like “Les Miserables”) to animated films produced by Disney (like “The Lion King”). Source Because of this, they are more approachable to members of the general population.

The musical “The Phantom of the Opera” serves as an excellent transition piece between the two styles of performance. The title, of course, makes reference to opera; yet, the performance itself has more in common with musical theater than it does with opera. It is difficult to categorize it as anything other than a traditional musical, despite the fact that there are obviously operatic numbers and inclinations at certain points in the show. In spite of this, “The Phantom of the Opera,” which was originally a novel and has been performed on stage and filmed for decades, has become a very well-known story. And this raises the question of what other well-known stories, perhaps of a genre that is analogous to opera, could be adapted into musicals that would be popular with the general public.

There is no actual answer, that much is obvious, and every one of the following alternatives is highly improbable. However, if you are interested in the concept of a brand of opera that is more generally popular, it is interesting to consider these possibilities.

The “Game of Thrones” series.

It would appear that “Game of Thrones” cannot make a mistake of any kind. It is a well-known book series, now one of the most successful shows on television, and the focus of a significant portion of the conversation taking place on the internet. There are also other aspects of it that are consistent with the idea that many people have of the opera, such as the presence of subjects such as kings and queens, northern settings, and elaborate clothes. There is no indication that “Game of Thrones” will ever be adapted into an opera at this point (although it has been jokingly referred to as the most expensive soap opera ever broadcast on television), but we have heard an interesting cover of the opening theme music performed in operatic style, and it is actually quite good. It’s possible that this is a brilliant and expansive idea.

“Jekyll & Hyde”

This is another type of old-fashioned story, and a production of it can have a presentation that is quite similar to “The Phantom of the Opera” in terms of the costumes and the general ambiance. It already looks to be making somewhat of a resurgence in popular culture and is already a successful musical production. Slotsource offers a number of games from Playtech that are quite similar to the plot, including an online arcade game based on the game. And in addition to his appearance in this game, we’ve also seen Dr. Jekyll make a comeback on the big screen in the role that Russell Crowe performed in the movie “The Mummy.” If “Jekyll and Hyde” can be successful as a musical, an online slot reel, and a basis for fantasy characters, then it has the potential to be a successful draw as an opera as well. None of these things are in any way indicators that an opera will be produced in the near future.

The phrase “The BFG”

We’ll wrap up this discussion with a very entertaining one. This was originally recommended at Schmopera in a post about five novels that should become operas, and while it would undoubtedly be unconventional, it could also be the ideal approach to get children interested in the performing style. The article was about five books that should be turned into operas. This is a children’s book written by the renowned Roald Dahl, and it relates the story of a young girl who is kidnapped and protected by a benevolent giant. For those who may not be familiar with it, the following summary may help: (among a clan of far nastier and larger giants). The concept of performers with booming bass taking on the persona of giants is a lovely one that has the potential to create an extremely entertaining opera.

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Which Narratives Have the Potential to Make Opera More Popular?