Since the dawn of the telephone, I were the type of man to do the entirety with my phone. Last time I checked, that changed into the entire factor. Not handiest will we make calls, we take pictures, document video, replace our statuses, browse the net…Heck, smartphones even have alarm clocks seeking out a new process.

One of the things I preserve available on my HTC Evo is a notepad app for preserving tune of to-do lists, thoughts, or perhaps just a quick plug at a product I want to shop for. Today I am reviewing SoftXperience’s Note Everything.

Look and Feel

When you first deploy the app, you are greeted with an crucial message. It gives you the simple warning approximately retaining both the free and seasoned variations installed, and not to by chance delete the free version because your notes might be gone. Good to recognize. After that, you get a “What’s New”  Loudplay MOD APK page that details the modern modifications in preceding versions. Again, good to know.

Upon ultimate that, you may see the main web page. It’s pretty self-explanatory from here, as you’ll want to faucet the + button to add a note. When you do, you get to peer all the splendid alternatives that this app presents. You can create a simple text be aware, paint note (drawing), voice notice (voice recording), photograph be aware, checklist, long lasting checklist, gallery be aware (photograph), video word, note from barcode, or a notice imported from Google docs. Note: Some of those features are handiest available inside the pro version.

A Side Note: This app is what I could call a “double-edged sword” due to the fact the layout is simple, however the app itself is robust. While a few customers may not like the lack of flair in their notice-taking app, different customers may opt for it. Personally, I like this app as it would not try to be too flashy. It offers me all of the terrific capabilities that I want in a sincere way.

Checklists and Durable Checklists (Pro Version)

While some of the sorts of lists are self-explanatory, there are two one of a kind sorts of checklists inside Note Everything. A general checklist is one you need to be familiar with. It permits you to add an object into the listing, and then region a checkmark next to it when you have completed the task or aquired the item. Once you have completed the list, you should both delete the items or obligations, or you may uncheck them and begin once more.

A durable tick list has come to be my new favorite due to it is practicality. With a long lasting tick list, you add the items or obligations just like in a popular tick list. This is wherein the similarities stop. Inside a durable tick list, you have 3 tabs: All, Need, and Done. When you check off a challenge or object in a long lasting checklist, it robotically movements that object to the “Done” tab, retaining your “Need” tab freed from muddle. If you opt to nonetheless see all the objects to your listing, you could pick the “All” tab. I actually revel in the long lasting tick list as it allows you to maintain the use of it so long as you need while not having to delete the whole lot to maintain it practicable. It actually cleans up your checklist as you entire it.

Additional Features

In the preferences tab, you may pleasant-tune almost everything approximately your checklists. You have the choice to trade the font, shade, spacing of icons, sorting possibilities, notifications, and more. While it is able to not be flashy, it positive is filled with flexibility. Have you ever had an app that comes chocked complete of flashy meaningless capabilities that bug you like loopy with notifications and “hints”? I even have, and it stinks. Note Everything is simply the other. It is packed full of beneficial capabilities that you do not be aware until you need to see them. That’s the manner every app must be.

Backups (Pro Version)

Every app need to have a manner to shop your facts, but alas not they all do. Note Everything has a built-in backup feature that allows you to backup your lists and notes right on your SD card. Should you ever mistakenly uninstall the app, you could easily repair your lists and notes by means of reinstalling the app and restoring from the SD card. You may even set up the app to perform automatic backups at positive durations. Easy as pie.


Note Everything is as truthful of a word-taking app as they come. It is a easy and powerful device that need to have come preferred on Android telephones. Since it does not, I recommend you at least strive it out. With the characteristic-packed full version, you are certain to get a ton of use out of this properly-carried out software.

If you would like to to strive Note Everything, a feature restrained version is loose inside the Android Market, and the Pro versio

SoftXperience Note Everything – Pro-Android App Review