I’ve received several e-mails recently from unhappy youth football coaches who struggle in poorly managed organisations with unqualified coaches. A couple of the dads moved to new towns and were stunned to learn they were in the youth football coaches’ version of “Twilight Zone”. Perhaps that is one of the many listing services realtors provide to their customers. Perhaps something like this “This beautiful 4 bedroom, 3 bath home is in an area with an academy for youth football which has won 10 league titles over the past 12 years and is coached by a person who is open (about the game of football).).

Responsible skilled, knowledgeable youth football coaches who go to football camps and employ real block schemes as part of their offensive plans”. Perhaps there should be a checkbox inside the Real Estate Guide like: authentic football block scheme/backyard blocking that guy in the spbo com front of your “scheme” and well-organized written practice plans, Goals/seat-of-the pants chaos authentic football offense with a grab bag flavour for the day, open-minded accountable coaches, closed-minded blame the coaching staff of the players and the like, etc.

There are many excellent youth football teams across the nation, however there are many poor ones too. When I say “poor,” I’m talking about organizations that are still performing poorly and do nothing to improve the standing quo.

A particular incident was notable. The teams of the organization had averaging of less than 10 points in offense. In fact, I think that one team did not score a single point throughout the whole season. Let’s keep doing it the same way and it worked really well last year this is the ticket.Their blocking strategy was notorious and naive “Block the Guy Across From You”.

There were 50-60 playbooks in the “playbook”.

The “playbook” consists of a dive play on every hole, a few sweeps and some passes.
The teams play an “new offense” every week since the defenses of their league “figure it out”.

They think they’re using the Veer and Wishbone Offensesbut however, they’re operating a mix of games based on these kinds of formations.
The leadership is unable to comprehend the distinction between an offensive and the formation. Even in the higher levels, there are no alternatives such as traps, counters, or traps.
The members of the organization don’t believe they’re in trouble and will continue to do the same program.

A coach’s’ suggestions to improve their squad to improve the team is “Running the Kids until they drop” for 30 minutes at the end of every practice.
They were snide about having written practices plans. A THING I RESEARCHED SHOWED was common to all the COACHED TEAM THAT I OBSERVED.

The stories I heard was enough to make me very sick. They will win games when they possess a lot of talent, but they are likely to lose to average teams, and then be overwhelmed by well-coached teams. They won’t be a solid foundation and I’m guessing that most will not play beyond another season, or even two. So why is it that just 25% less young football players play the High School ball. Instead of learning coaches the sport or learn things that are new to you, it’s much easier to let the kids run around any one can do that. A brilliant coach in footbal once said to me “Coaches that don’t know how to practice, scrimmage and condition, that’s all they know”. I’m guessing that these are the same players who after losing declare that ” the kids didn’t want it enough” but it is actually the team was coached poorly by the head coach who was too arrogant or lazy to be able to master something new.

Being a good coach for youth football isn’t about having the most well-conditioned team, assessing how you can smother the youngsters or making them “tough” it isn’t even about having 60 different football plays from six distinct “offenses”. It’s about having a solid strategy and reworking a few complementing football moves. It’s about figuring out the key elements of success are for youth football and establishing the priorities for practice to tackle those aspects.

The problem is that it’s impossible to resolve problems if the powers in charge don’t believe that there’s an issue. Close-minded people are hard to get in touch with and like the saying goes “a man convinced against his will is still of the same opinion”. Some coaches may not know what a properly designed offense should appear like. Some coaches may not realize it is possible to score over 35 points in a game even with kids who are average. Film does not tell the truth, if you’re convinced, you should show coaches “coaches” film of their team, and then show an opponent with a properly constructed offense that has proper blocking rules. You can show them footage from an organized practice and then compare it with the chaos they would prefer. Then let them convince themselves, in the event that they refuse to acknowledge there’s a lot of need for improvement, do not walk away to a different team and spare you and your child from disappointment. The majority of your son’s instances develop a fascination or dislike of football during the first year or two, but it’s your decision as a parent if they’re willing to give his son’s football future with individuals like this. If it were my son, I’d take him and join a different team. set them up into a real system and play real football using a genuine blocking system, and then put up 40 points for them prior to giving them a mercy score.

My team’s personal record was 3 touchdowns in the initial quarter of nine games in the last season, and so do many other well-coached young football squads. It is interesting to note that the “Multiple Offense” Twilight zone team we’ve been discussing hasn’t had a team who had 3 touchdowns in one game. They think they’re not having a problem? Do not walk, run to the exit If you’re in such a scenario Life is too short.

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